The Service Charter is a document that companies operating in the utilities sector emanate annually, implementing Directive of P.C.M. of 27/01/1994 and Decree of P.C.M. Of 30/12/1998. It is an instrument of protection of customers and encouragement to businesses to improve and progress.

Concretely, the Service Charter represents for the company a means to communicate to its customers the improvement objectives that is committed to achieving the year; while for the Customer Charter is a tool to learn about the company and verify the achievement of the stated commitments.


Equality and impartiality:

The transport service provided by OLTREDRIVER is inspired by the principle of equality of citizens’ rights and impartiality. No distinction or discrimination in the provision of the service can be accomplished for reasons of sex, race, language, religion and political opinion.

Continuity of service.

OLTREDRIVER undertakes to exercise ii transport service continuously without interruption.

If any specific mobility needs, OLTREDRIVER undertakes to make emergency services.



transparency of tariffs; security and tranquility of the trip; continuity and certainty of service; certified disinfecting and cleaning of the cars; trustworthiness and recognition of personnel; ease of making a claim.


not to soil or damage the vehicle; not to compromise in any way the safety of the journey; not to transport objects between those classified as harmful or dangerous, without observing the regulations in force. not disturb the driver


OLTREDRIVER is committed to providing adequate response, written or verbal {chosen by the customer), within 15 days from receipt of the complaint.


The customer is entitled to reimbursement of the effected run, and the related expenses incurred in the following cases:

• when arriving late for a reserved vehicle exceeds two hours after the time requested;

• when he took the job, the delay of a car not booked for time exceeds two hours timetable can be stated.

OLTREDRIVER can not recognize any refund if the cause of the disruption depends on factors external to the organization, such as: political events and unforeseeable events that objectively impede circulation, incorrect and / or non-existent addresses, congestion of unpredictable roads, etc. .. the redemption request, which must be submitted in writing by registered a / R address: Besides Driver network of companies – Montegrappa avenue No. 15-27100 Pavia.

Must state the following information:

name and surname of the customer, its address and telephone number
the disruption description for which reimbursement is sought
date and time of the event.

It should also be attached to the application of the original receipts for any expenses incurred due to the disruption. The reimbursement can not exceed the amount of € 105,00; in the absence of documentation, for the aforementioned OLTREDRIVER expenses will recognize a refund lump sum amount of € 26.00. A bonus foreseen for holidays and night time (from 22.00 to 6.00).


OLTREDRIVER has taken out insurance policies for their cars which also guarantee in the event of an accident third transported for a maximum of Euro 10,000,000.00.

Shareholders’ equity are igenizzati and disinfected regularly.

The performance of services is covered by professional secrecy and privacy protection.

And ‘it is forbidden the transport of drugs.

Passengers are required to maintain a good attitude and to respect the equipment and crew.


Within 48 hours from the end of the service, OLTREDRIVER after checks and inspections may require the Client the increased sum of! 20% for operational costs of any damage caused to the vehicle (interior and exterior) voluntarily or involuntarily by the passengers with written and photo request.

OLTREDRIVER demanding payment in full of the amounts agreed at the beginning of the service.

Advance 30% upon booking.

E ‘is compulsory to wear seat belts on each seat.

The Customer may ask to see the insurance policies.


On longer journeys, exceeding 200 Km, every 2 hours it will stop to increase safety and comfort.

OLTREDRIVER has supplied top-quality tires regularly registered / invoiced.

Our vehicles are systematically coupons and checked at certified workshops with appropriate interventions registers.

II Our staff is highly qualified to guide and belongs to the role of transporters with regular permissions regulations Read 15 January 1992 n. 21, as amended.

N.B. The cost of the service indicated in the quote is to be understood excluding VAT and may vary according to schedules, the mileage and the number of passengers, as well as fuel prices and highway tolls.

They are always to be understood except by the same drivers overnight accommodation, parking, permits, checkpoints where required.


In the presence of passengers particularly troublesome, in a state of alcohol or other substances altering the crew you can stop at any time the service to maintain security with relative information to the police on duty at the time of the event.

And ‘that day complete ban smoking in vehicles: € 250,00 fine.

The information contained in this letter and its attachments may be confidential and are, however, designed solely for persons or companies with direct relationships with addition Driver.

Dissemination, distribution and / or copying of the document forwarded by any person other than the addressee is prohibited, both under dei- the art.616 c.p, which under law n.196 / 03.

The Customer